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Antenna Product Range

Ocean TV designed and tested in Australia for Australian Conditions. Over 850 Antennas have been sold, with many repeat customers buying a second and third antenna for their new boats.

Whether Game Fishing at Lizard Island, Cruising The Whitsundays, Tuna fishing off Port Lincoln,  Salmon fishing off southern Tasmania, Anchored at Rottnest Island, relaxing on your Houseboat in Lake Eildon, or cruising the Hawkesbury River in Sydney there is a Ocean TV model to suit your lifestyle and boat.

A Model to suit every sized vessel from 6 metres to a Super Yacht

Boat Size 20' to 40' 25' to 50' 40' to 60' 60' to 80'
Antenna Type Parabola Parabola Parabola Parabola
Dish Diameter 320mm 370mm 450mm 600mm

Dome Size HxW

350mmx360mm 440mmx430mm 580mmx550mm 740mmx710mm
Minimum EIRP 50dBW 49dBW 49-48dBW 47-46dBW
Stabilization 2-Axis Motor Step Motor 2-Axis Motor Step Motor 2-Axis Motor Step Motor 2-Axis Motor Step Motor
Elevation Range 0 to 90 0 to 90 0 to 90 0 to 90
Azimuth Range Unlimited/450 Unlimited/450 Unlimited/450 Unlimited/450
AutoSkew x x STD STD
Power 12-24vDC 12-24vDC 12-24vDC 12-24vDC
Watts 20.4w 19w 24w  
Multiple Output x Standard Standard Standard
HD -IQ Compatible No Yes Yes Yes
FreeView Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
LNB Quad (Single Output) Quad Quad Quad

The above suggested boat size is just a guide, and is mainly suggested for looks on the vessel.  Call or email for more information.


Dish Size Required for Regions of Australia
Ocean O32   Yellow-2 Axis Stabilisation Sunshine Coast (Qld) to Melbourne, Perth Region and All of New Zealand
Ocean O37M Yellow-2 Axis Stabilisation Airlie Beach (Qld) to Port Lincoln (SA), Geraldton (WA) to Esperance(WA)
Ocean O45M Red   - 3 Axis Stabilisation Lizard Island (Qld) to Ceduna (SA), Cape Arid (WA) to Toolonga Reserve (WA)
Ocean O60M Purple- 3 Axis Stabilisation Far North Qld to WA / SA Border.
Ocean O700M Green -4 Axis Stabilisation Over 90% of Australia's Cruising Grounds
Ocean O900M Blue  - 4 Axis Stabilisation All of Australia

The Map at left gives a general idea of the areas each size Ocean TV Antenna will operate with a Pay/Subscription Satellite Receiver on Optus D3 Satellite.  
Free to Air Television on the Optus Satellite C3 has a smaller coverage area.  Please contact Ocean TV for FTA coverage areas.

These areas are for reference only and not guaranteed, satellite TV is subject to a number of conditions out of our control, including climatic weather conditions.



The Ocean TV O32 is the smallest Marine Satellite TV on the Market.  Ideal for small day boats, but due to its small size, we only recommend it for Pay TV, not Free to Air VAST.

Pay TV uses the newer Optus D3 Satellite that has a much stronger signal, and therefore is not effected by terrestrial weather conditions as much.

Suitable for the Perth Region, and from Brisbane to Melbourne. 

It has all the normal quality and features of the larger OCEAN TV Antennas, but only has a single output.


Australia's most popular Satellite TV Antenna, with hundreds sold each year.  Suitable for all Pay TV and VAST Free to Air Satellite receivers, it is suitable for all sizes of vessels.

Triple output from a Quad Australian Specification LNB, small foot print, and rock solid internal software, the O37M will deliver perfect crystal clear Television from Airlie Beach in Queensland to  Hobart and on to Adelaide with Pay TV, and from Murray Bridge to Gladstone for VAST Free to Air. Western Australia coverage is Geraldton to Esperance.

Also very popular for House Boats on the Murray River and inland Lakes such as Lake Eildon in Victoria, and the Hawkesbury River in Sydney.


The Ocean TV O45M can be seen being used from Lizard Island in Far North Queensland, to the bottom of Tasmania, to Port Lincoln in South Australia.

A favourite with the Pro Fisherman on the east and west coasts of Tasmania, and the Tuna fisherman in South Australia, it delivers in rough seas and extreme weather. 

Featuring Auto-Skew of the LNB, on board GPS, triple LNB output, custom weighted and balanced Antenna Dish, it is perfect for cruising vessels on the East ad West Coasts of Australia.

Suitable for Pay TV from Lizard Island in Queensland to Port Lincoln in South Australia, and VAST FTA from Port Lincoln to just sort of The Whitsundays in Queensland.


Ocean O60M is for larger vessels that want to travel outside the normal cruising grounds.  Far North Queensland to Western Australian/South Australian Border, and most of Western Australian Coastline.

With all of the features of the popular O45M, Auto-Skew of the LNB, on board GPS, triple output, custom weighted and balanced Antenna Dish, it offers a bigger range for cruising with the same rock solid tracking of the smaller Ocean TV Antennas.

Suitable for both Pay TV and VAST Free to Air.


Ocean TV also manufacture custom models on request. O700M (70cm),  O900M (90cm), O100M (100cm), O110M (110cm). All of these models are 4-Axis stabilisation

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