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Ocean TV is part of the MR Marine Group, an Australian business started back in March 1998.  MR Marine was started to supply the Marine Market with niche products.

In 2009, the Satellite TV Antenna Market was restricted to larger boats and a 37cm antenna was costing over $8,000.00 over double the cost of the same product in the USA.  MR Marine indentified the need for Satellite TV on smaller boats and at a much better price.  Ocean TV was the result, and now we have the most competitive and best value Marine Satellite TV market in the world. 

During 2009, Ocean TV was developed in Australia, in association with one of the worlds largest Mobile Satellite Manufacturers.  The factory located in Asia, is ISO9001 and ISO1400 certified meaning it has the very best practice in quality control and green manufacturing techniques.  Over 7 months of R&D testing paid off with now over 850 satisfied customers with less than 1% warranty claims.

To the right is a photo of both a O37 and O32 installed on the hardtop of our Riviera, during R & D in 2009.

Over the years Ocean TV antennas have been refined and improved, with multi output LNB's, a new Custom Made LNB just for Ocean TV, better Dome materials, weighting of the actual Antenna Dish to provide optimum tracking and software enhancements to name a few.

 MR Marine is 100% Australian Owned, a member of the NSW Boating Industry Association and its aim is to provide the very best in quality products with good value.  We are always available to chat with directly, and are happy to personally show you our products at our Sydney Office.

Remember you are not dealing with just another distributor, you are dealing directly with MR Marine, the Ocean TV manufacturer.  Please feel free to contact us with any of the methods below.


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