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At OCEAN TV we are continually striving to improve our already class leading products.  We never sit back like other manufactureres and keep selling models that are years old, and are never updated.

2020 has several improvements that will put OCEAN TV further ahead of the competition
AUSTRALIAN MADE - OCEAN TV Antennas from August will be Made in Australia on the Gold Coast.  We have taken the step to build Australian and New Zealand antennas in Australia.  Antennas for other countries will continue to be produced at our factory in Asia.

All Antennas will now come Factory Painted as standard. Two Standard Colours are available OCEAN TV Pearl White and OCEAN TV Pearl Black, custom colours are also be available a a small extra cost.

The finish is second to none, with a 4 Stage Process of painting the Dome and Base. 

1. Each antenna is hand rubbed for a perfect base for painting.
2. One coat of Automotive Plastic Primer
3. Two Automotive Colour Coats
4. Two Automotive Clear Coats

A finish equal to the best Automotive Finishes available.
New 72 Channel Positional Sensor.  For accurate positioning all OCEAN TV antennas track both the US GPS and Russian GLONASS Satellite Systems at 10 times a second. This gives a ultra fast and accurate location, for fast lock on of the Satellite Signal and accurate AutoSkew of the LNB.
All internal Circuit Boards in are now fully coated to protect against the Salt Environment.

New Antenna Control Unit (IDU) with updated firmware for 2020.  A completely redesigned two piece antenna control unit, with the seperate power and a remote panel mounted Touch Screen with LED Display. The IDU is connected to the power supply via a Cat 5 Cable, and can be mounted up to 5m away.

The new IDU also has Bluetooth on board, and a APP is available for Antenna control, as well as easy upgrading of Firmware in both the IDU and actual Antenna.
The very latest DVBS2 Tuner has been introduced for better gain, signal strength and frequency seperation.  This results in faster signal lock on and satellite tracking.
Fine tuning of the actual Firmware in Antenna has been done, with Passwords being added when options are changed.
Updating of the antenna  motors to the latest 2020 specifications.  Lower power consumption, faster operation and super quite.

New OceanStrut Antenna Mounts in both 75mm and 150mm heights.  Designed for OCEAN TV Antennas, featuring an adpater plate making each size suitable for both antennas.

The mounts are Robot welded giving a pefectly smooth finish superior to other products on the market, that are welded by hand.

Made from the highest quality Marine Aluminium available, the  Mounts can be painted to match the Antenna colour if required. 

Suitable for mounting on narrow Targa Bars, or where room is at a premium.

An OceanStrut Mount makes it possible to easily mount a OCEAN TV Antenna on any vessel.
  OEM now available.  OCEAN TV is now available to Boat Factories and Boat Distributors as a custom OEM Product. 

While featuring all of the advanced features and technology in every OCEAN TV Antenna, an OEM Antenna can have Custom Features such as: Painted Dome Colour, Logo and Badging of Dome, Badging of IDU Display, as well as custom manuals.

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